About BVH

A genuine investment in bettering our communities through design is our mark on the world.

We pursue architecture at the critical confluence of a commitment to people, the pursuit of knowledge and a sense of wonder.

Commitment to People

We go beyond building design and invest in our community through an authentic, collaborative and meaningful dialogue. We’re interested in the multiplicity of voices — not just our own — to build consensus among those involved and impacted by our projects. This process ensures we’ll achieve the desired outcome of designing spaces of maximum influence and benefit.

See this belief in action:

A Commitment to People

Pursuit of Knowledge

We intentionally avoid stylistic architecture. Our work is authentically distinguished by its dedication to research and stewardship. We’re inspired by deep exploration, rooting our projects in a contextual specificity that responds to the nuanced relationship between place, material and time. Our approach to ecological stewardship provides meaningful, vernacular approaches to each project. Today’s buildings demand smart solutions to foster a better quality of life as well as the responsible use of resources. To us, sustainability isn’t just a consideration but the unequivocal baseline for design.

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The Pursuit of Knowledge

Sense of Wonder

Design excellence combines function, economy, performance and beauty. When these tenets converge, our projects inspire, creating a sense of wonder. It takes great skill to combine these four tenets; we accept the challenge. But it’s a challenge we expect our clients to pursue with us, as projects are reliant on an inclusive, collaborative process. We effectively and efficiently solve our clients’ needs through careful listening coupled with an intentional embrace of the ‘do more with less’ attitude. It’s our intention to aim for a clarity and economy of design elevated by optimism.

See this belief in action:

A Sense of Wonder

We’re a diversified studio of creatives impassioned by design. Get to know us:

Our studio life focuses on collaboration, creativity and a commitment to design excellence.


We approach our work environment with the same principle as our projects: The use of everyone’s collective knowledge enhances all work. Through a continuous open dialogue, we challenge each other to push boundaries, explore new angles and design above the status quo.


For us, there’s a big difference between an office and a studio. One is for working, the other is for making. One is stuffy, the other is open. One is dull, the other is full of life. It’s more than a matter of semantics—it’s a holistic mindset, and it leads us to be more creative in very interesting ways.


We’re transparent about our process. If you visit our studios, you will notice our giant project walls. There’s a reason they’re so big: They let us think out in the open. We pin up projects and ideas, iterations, building materials, photos, inspiration, renderings, drawings, drawings upon drawings. We write on them, making notes on our own work and the work of others. We gather and critique. We bring our clients up close to their project as we search for solutions alongside them. In short, we show our work.


Exploring is akin to playing for us, and critique gives us a way to process what we’ve found. Whether in larger studio design critiques, impromptu one-on-one conversations or in pointed discussions during our Afternoon Clubs, taking a critical approach to everything we do leads us to explore options and solutions we wouldn’t otherwise have come to.