Hailee Turner

Talent & Culture Manager / Senior Associate


Hailee joined BVH in December of 2018. BVH stole her heart from the Rocky Mountains to come back to what is her forever home. She has been traveling and living in many different places around the world for the last 10 years before arriving back in Nebraska, where she feels so grateful to have family and friends along with working for such an amazing Firm.

Hailee has always had a creative side but her main passion has always been people. Her main goals in life are to help others be their best selves and to gain perspectives outside of herself. She thrives in environments where the sky’s the limit. Hailee loves to challenge herself and others to gain new experiences, to step outside of their comfort zones, and to achieve their goals.

Her work and home life are very similar in the passion for people. Hailee enjoys traveling and chooses places to visit  where she can be close to people and also give back to those people. She’s been known to book a trip and live in an orphanage for a few months or work on a coffee plantation in Central America. All in all pushing herself out of her comfort zone is the goal. She enjoys a cup of coffee with a friend or jumping out of a plane in a foreign country.

What is the favorite place you have visited?

How do you engage your community?
Volunteer in different youth opportunities and also special need adult communities.

What inspires you?
My love for people inspires me every day in some way or another. This could be in trying to better myself and others or simply just taking a moment outside of myself to better understand someone very different from me.

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