Brandon Heide, Associate AIA

Project Coordinator

Brandon joined the BVH team in the summer of 2019 after graduating with his Masters in Architecture and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Kansas State University. His roots are in the Midwest having been born in Hutchinson, KS, and now living in Lincoln.

With a passion to positively impact people, Brandon has found design to be a rewarding means of cultivating communities, promoting diversity, and creating lasting memories for many. Every project brings with it a new opportunity to explore the people and skills that move our communities forward.

Outside the studio, Brandon enjoys woodworking, videography, and spending time with his wife and two dogs. He and his wife look forward to opportunities to travel and are regularly involved with the young adult and youth groups in their church.

What is your area of interest or research?
Videos have the power to convey a message and evoke emotion. I am interested in the ability of this design tool to generate excitement for design initiatives.

What inspires you?
At the core, everyone is in search of a purpose and place. Architecture, which is all about creating spaces where people can find comfort and development, inspires me to have a hand in creating environments for people to have these opportunities.

What is your favorite building or who is your favorite architect and why?
One of my favorite buildings is the Contemporary Art Centre in Córdoba, Spain because of the captivating natural light wells, and the attention to detail both functionally and aesthetically.

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