Kristin Kotera, AIA, LEED AP


Kristin joined BVH in January ‘24, as she and her family made the move back to Nebraska after spending 14 years in Colorado Springs. Growing up in Lincoln, Kristin stayed in town to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for both her undergraduate and postgraduate years, receiving her Masters of Architecture in 2008.

Her interest in architecture began in high school, but was probably forming earlier than that. Luckily, she knew her end goal was to become an architect as it made the college major question an easy one. The main intrigue about architecture has always been that you could combine art, science, and theory, and actually make something out of it. Getting to do all three, at the same time—and well—is what it’s all about.

Kristin’s family fills her bucket outside of the office. You can find them partaking in sports, bike rides, hiking, and being silly. Kristin also loves spending time outside, gardening, and trying out new recipes to bake. Her instagram account, @herchitect, is a creative outlet when she has time to look up and look around for something beautiful that might go unnoticed.

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
We had an amazing time honeymooning in New Zealand, but a close runner-up, if not tied for first, has to be Puerto Rico. It’s the mix of mountains and beaches that do it for me.

How do you engage with your community?
In Colorado Springs, I served on local and state AIA boards, co-founded a Women in Architecture group, and led a mentorship program for emerging professionals. Being back in Nebraska I’m hoping to do more of the same, and see how I can get involved with UNL.

What is the most impactful thing you’ve learned over the course of your career?
Design is, and always should be, a team effort. Collaboration can bring out the best design solutions.

What are you reading/watching/doing/listening to right now that is inspiring your work? I recently finished The Culture Code, which is a great, quick read about building a sense of team within a group.

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