Alicia Ringer

Project Coordinator

Alicia joined BVH in May of 2020 after graduating from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln with her Bachelors in Architecture. She is originally from Omaha, Nebraska.

Alicia first became interested in architecture due to her belief that design holds a lot of power. She has always had the desire to help others and views architecture as a great tool to connect with people and design spaces that positively impact the way that they live.

Outside of the studio, Alicia has always enjoyed creating things – filling her time making her own furniture or transforming items she finds. She also enjoys traveling with friends and experiencing as many places as possible.

What is your favorite place you have visited?
My favorite place that I’ve visited is Mechernich, Germany, where Peter Zumthor’s Field Chapel is located.

What is your area of interest or research?
I’m interested in sustainable design and the impact of the built world on the environment around us.

What inspires you?
I’m most inspired by the people I’ve met through design. I participated in the first phase of a design-build studio where we worked with a non-profit organization. Being able to immerse myself in their work and how they use space to help others inspired me to do the best work that I could for them.

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