Haneen Jabbar

Architectural Intern


Haneen joined BVH in January 2022. Originally from Iraq, Haneen also grew up living in different countries like Syria, Turkey, and Egypt. She received her Bachelors in Architecture with minors in Business and Product Design from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is looking towards starting her Masters next Fall.

Haneen’s interest in architecture lies in sustainable design and the ways it could contribute to the world. This interest has developed throughout her travels, where she has gained a new perspective and become more interested in how people interact with the built environment and how different factors like culture, cost, and location affect the decision making in design and construction. 

Beyond architecture, Haneen enjoys running, biking, swimming, or attending conferences with friends and family. Always in search of new opportunities and things to learn, Haneen is also known to give seminars on various topics. 

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
Samson, Turkey

How do you engage with your community?
I was part of the ESL tutoring team at Lincoln Literacy, and a volunteer income tax assistant to prepare taxes for immigrants and low-income families at the Center for Civic Engagement. Recently, I gave seminars for first home buyers at some immigrant community centers

What inspires you?
Having the opportunity to work alongside talented people inspires me to work harder on myself and develop my skills and knowledge further.

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