Samah Al Sarhani

Project Coordinator

Samah joined BVH in the spring of 2022. Samah grew up in Baghdad, Iraq—eventually making her way to Nebraska to graduate with her Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  

Samah’s passion for architecture and design stems from her passion for drawing and sharing art—an easier language to express oneself. When it comes to architecture, there is an opportunity to bring what is on paper to life and give not only the thrill of viewing it but also experiencing it.

Adventurous by nature, Samah loves trying new things and challenging herself to learn and make mistakes. She believes that everything is a process to grow and also a path for new ideas. Outside of the studio, you can find Samah cooking a variety of dishes and her favorite part, tasting them.

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
My favorite is my home country, Iraq, and more specifically my hometown, Baghdad.

What inspires you?
My inspiration comes from the experience and knowledge I gain from trying new things and meeting new people.

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