Jinell Carslin

Graphic Designer / Associate


A West Coast native, Jinell grew up both in small town Nebraska as well as the Pacific Northwest. Jinell joined BVH in May of 2018 after graduating with a BFA in Design at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Jinell has always had an interest in design and the creation of it. Whether it’s through digital and print material, an exhibition piece, or the space itself—she’s always striving to grow as a designer and as an artist. Jinell loves how architecture in particular has the ability to create an experience and influence the daily lives of those connected to it.

Outside of the studio, Jinell enjoys reading, exploring the outdoors, and going on road trips with good company. She hopes to visit all of the National Parks in the contiguous states and beyond. She recently adopted the perfect dog which also keeps her busy and smiling.

What is your favorite place you have visited?
Florence, Italy. I loved seeing the relationship between the past and present, and how those two concepts were intertwined in the modern setting.

What is your area of research or interest?
Something that continues to interest me is the concept of perception and how design comes into that equation. We all view the world around us with unique perspective—making successful design that much more of a challenge.

What is your inspiration?
Everything! Inspiration is all around you if you’re open to it.

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