Congratulations to our new Associates!

We're excited to welcome six new Associates in 2021.

We’re excited to announce that we have elevated six new staff members to the designation of Associate. These individuals continue to contribute to the growth of BVH, both in the projects that we work on as well as the culture, branding, and identity of the firm itself.

Hailee Abegglen
Hailee joined BVH in 2018, and has worked hard to create a thriving culture, through direct interactions with staff but also through group outings, and has helped unite us into “One BVH” across our three offices. A lot of that culture growth has even happened during a pandemic, with staff working from home. She has implemented professional development paths for staff that helps them grow their own skillsets as well as the Firm’s. Her proactive work in creating events for the whole BVH family, like the BVH Kids program she implemented last summer, demonstrates her passion and desire to support the whole firm. 

Jackie Bacon
Jackie consistently shows high aptitude as both a designer and professional in all the work she does. Projects entrusted to Jackie are completed with high quality and thoughtful design. Jackie also successfully navigates the process with the client and consultants, ensuring that both are happy with the results. She also serves as a mentor to younger staff, defining expectations and helping them learn through the process.

Jinell Carslin
Jinell started with BVH while she was still in college, for what was intended to be just a summer internship. Jinell quickly proved herself to be a quick learner and a talented creative, with an admirable work ethic. Over the past three years, Jinell has continued to grow those same assets we saw in her in the beginning. She works with the larger Business Development team to craft winning proposals and interviews and continues to bring insight and strategy to those pursuits. She is also a part of our internal Sustainability Group, acting as the marketing voice that communicates to our studios and our clients our commitment to sustainability. Additionally, Jinell has proved to have a great talent for environmental graphic design. From opportunities like Charles Drew Benson to smaller scale projects like conference rooms, she helps breath life and personality into spaces that help our clients feel at home in their new spaces.  

Tim Frisch
Tim has worked at BVH for more than five years, and in that time he’s been instrumental in changing how our brand and BVH are presented to the world. In addition to the talent he’s brought to environmental graphics, student engagement, and crafting proposals, he also cares deeply about the firm. Particularly in the last couple of years, Tim has continued to grow his skill set and has become a valuable asset and team member who works hard to advance our business. His constant desire and passion for innovation have pushed our marketing to new levels, both within interviews and proposals, but also to events, client needs, and community engagement opportunities.

Tim Hemsath
Though only with BVH for a year, Tim has pushed our sustainability practice forward. The knowledge and passion he brings to helping clients learn how sustainable practices can both save them on building costs in the long run while also helping create more environmentally friendly buildings. He brings that same passion to our internal goals, as we continue to push toward our own zero waste goals in our studios. When working with project teams, Tim is inquisitive, patient, and excels at teaching others new ways to approach design.  His confidence continues to grow as he becomes more familiar with BVH teams and the project delivery process.  It is clear that Tim’s passion for sustainability, his focus on quality design,  and his strong initiative will continue to elevate BVH and our projects.  

Garrett Peterson
Garrett has shown strong aptitude as an Architect while taking initiative on projects, being a self-learner, problem solver, and project leader. Garrett strives to get the work done with a high level of design that produces an improved experience for the client and end user. He was recently licensed, is navigating his first substantial project as a project architect successfully, and still looks for opportunities to assist and mentor individuals for the betterment of the firm. 




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