Congratulations to Our New Associates!

We're excited to announce that we have elevated six new staff members to the designation of Associate. These individuals continue to contribute to the growth of BVH, both in the projects we work on and in the culture and identity of the firm itself.

Jen Davis

As one of the first members of the BVH Denver office, Jen is a natural leader. With her compassionate personality and dynamic skillset, she builds strong relationships and trust with everyone she works with. Jen is great with clients and continues to go the extra mile with her work—stepping in and stepping up to the plate to help the team. She is tenacious and driven and continues to be a huge asset to the firm.

Matt Fitzpatrick

A true team player, Matt has a go-getter attitude and no problem jumping in to help others. His great sense of detail enables him to strive for perfection in his work and design. Matt’s knowledge base in Multifamily has been pushing our Denver practice, and he has been a key asset in growing our Colorado business.

Andrew Meyer

Andrew has a disposition that draws people in. He looks at challenges as opportunities, taking on complex projects with a positive attitude. A huge asset to our team, Andrew has proven his knowledge and skill sets through his work while activating people in everything he does.

Kevin Meyer

Kevin has a special ability to lead his project team members positively and has become a mentor in their professional development, with staff often seeking him out for guidance. As an active community member, Kevin has an ability to grow and develop positive and long-lasting client relationships on every project he works on—a real ability to connect with others. He pushes design and thought leadership forward within the firm and our team.

Phuong Nguyen

Phuong is one of the young, talented architectural designers BVH needs to be a successful, purposeful, and design-focused firm. Her design skills are forward-thinking and she is respected by the firm for her ability to push the projects she works on. Phuong is making a change in the design profession with her work on J+EDI efforts within the firm but also in the community. This is evident within her work in AIA Next to Lead, the ACE Mentorship Program, and her recent article in B2B Magazine.

Kat Pickering

Kat has been with BVH for 5 years and has played a key role in building our Interiors practice. A sought after team member, her reliable and knowledgeable nature means staff often look to her for leadership. Kat’s passion for furniture and strong design has continued to grow throughout her professional career, and she strives to get work done with a high level of quality that produces an improved experience for the client and end user.

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