Kevin Meyer, AIA

Architect / Associate

Key Projects

Kevin joined BVH in May 2018, returning to Omaha after 14 years of boomeranging through Nashville, Vancouver BC, and (mostly) Chicago, where he began his architectural career and sampled any coffee, craft beer, and donut he could get his hands on. Kevin (humbly) celebrates his contribution to multiple award-winning projects, coordinating multi-disciplinary teams of consultants, partners, and stakeholders along the way. As Architect and Associate at BVH, Kevin has continued to work at synthesizing the multiplicity of viewpoints, within each project, to build consensus among those invested in and experiencing the built world. The results are projects that celebrate the beauty of the human experience, with conscious attention to sustainability, performance, and economy.

Kevin believes in the power of ideas, bringing a critical mind and unique visual sensibility to thoughtful and progressive design exploration with the goal of facilitating human interaction with the natural world and our experience of the world through all our senses. Before mastering his Master of Architecture at the University of Illinois-Chicago, Kevin achieved his Bachelors in Art History and Criticism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and studied music production and songwriting at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.

In addition to being an architect, Kevin is a dad, coach, mentor, musician, writer, painter, and SCUBA diver and gets immense joy and fulfillment from time spent with his family exploring the natural world–hiking, camping, swimming and beaching–eating and drinking across the globe and finding enrichment through music, art and (of course) LEGOs.

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
I think the Galapagos Islands are my favorite place I’ve visited…certainly the most unique, at least. Created from a volcanic hot spot, each island is sort of a sibling of the previous, which is clearly visible in the unique terrains and landscapes shaped over time. Snorkeling with sea lions, marine iguanas, tropical penguins and hammerhead sharks can hardly be beat, in my book.

What is your area of interest or research? What inspires you?
Currently, my areas of interest, research and what inspires me are all the same–our existence in this world: how we, as human beings, relate to each other, how we relate to the natural world and how we relate to ourselves. The ever-expanding digital world, concurrent with increasing climate change puts a focus, for me, on difficult-but-critical decisions we all need to be making with respect to economy, socio-cultural, political activism and ecological stewardship to ameliorate the effects of the mounting pressures on people. It is part of my design challenge–to fight for the protection of healthiest and happiest lives possible.

Key Projects

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