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Seward Wellness Center

BVH partnered with the City of Seward to design a Wellness Center that promotes happier and healthier lives in a multigenerational community.

Promoting happy and healthy lifestyles became the foundation for the mission with a special focus to reduce current health issues including child obesity, sedentary workplace physical constraints, and a lack of elderly programming.

Neutral, industrial design aesthetics are broken up with vegetation that sweeps the open landscape. West facing glazing is screened with a combination of perforated metal panels and strategically placed trees to balance the natural light levels of the interior.

The comprehensive wellness center includes a natatorium, gymnasium, and a variety of workout areas supported with lockers, youth-focused multipurpose spaces, and offices. Users are greeted with a commons area with direct views to an indoor walking track that promotes an active environment and creates way-finding opportunities. The wellness center also includes a 6-lane competition pool as well as a separate slide.

The facility will provide year-round opportunities that satisfy current needs and is situated on the site to accommodate future expansions seamlessly.


Sustainability and accessibility were two major themes of the design. The building is orientated east to west to maximize sun exposure for natural light. Strategically placed glazing invites visibility from the outside into active interior spaces and simultaneously creates views to nature from the exercise areas. A primary pedestrian boulevard straddled with landscaped garden beds aims the front door directly at the school for direct access. This route also ties into a future city-wide bike and walking path to encourage multiple modes of transportation.

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