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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Massengale Residential Center

This new residence hall for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln is situated in the heart of UNL’s East Campus. The 147,000 sf structure contains 376 beds in two wings—one containing traditional two-student units, and one containing four-student suites. The central core space in the traditional wing contains restrooms, medium-sized gathering and seating areas, and individual or small group program spaces. This core results in improved flow and connectivity within the traditional bedroom wing, a variety of social spaces within, and improved thermal performance. A large central courtyard allows for a wide range of outdoor program activities to occur.

The lobby design provides a fluid circulation pattern and more seating and visibility at the corner of the lobby. Visibility from the reception desk to the lobby seating and the front doors is direct and unobstructed. A large front porch allows for easy move in and move out with ramp access. The associated porch walls also offer building signage opportunity. The northwest corner of the building consists almost entirely of curtain wall glazing. This provides absolute transparency at the main entry corner and provides passersby with a high degree of visual access to the activity occurring within the lobby space. By making the entry and main lobby space highly visible, the design seeks to encourage those approaching or walking past the building to join the activities occurring within the building.

Photography by AJ Brown Imaging
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