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Fremont Bond Program

For Fremont Public Schools 2021 Bond, BVH worked with the district and community to set the scope and budget for the overall bond program of 12 projects. The process started with an evaluation of all district buildings and sites to determine the current conditions, establish needs, and evaluate the potential for reuse and reinvestment at each facility. A concurrent educational alignment process looked at the facilities’ needs to support education and activities across the district.

Through the process, the community was engaged to communicate the understanding of existing facility conditions and to engage the community in prioritizing the needs as well as establishing the ultimate bond amount to go to the voters. The $123M bond was successful on the first vote. An additional $6M in ESSER funding was invested alongside the bond program.

Voters approved the bond program by a 65% yes vote. The scope of work includes the following enhancements throughout the district:

  1. Washington Elementary Replace Existing Building on the Existing Site with a New 4-Section School
  2. Howard Elementary Replace Existing Building on the Existing Site with a New 4-Section School
  3. Clarmar Elementary Replace Existing Building on a New Site with a New 4-Section School
  4. Bell Field Elementary Indoor Air Quality, Interior Finish Upgrades
  5. Linden Elementary Indoor Air Quality, Replace 1950’s Classroom Wing
  6. Johnson Crossing Academic Center Classroom Addition to Accomodate Growth, Remodel Fine Arts Spaces
  7. Lenihan/Pathfinder Center Indoor Air Quality, Interior Finish Upgrades, Remove Skywalk
  8. High School Extensive Modernization Remodel, Indoor Air Quality, Career and Technical Education Center Addition

The pre-bond master planning process looked at both current and future needs of the growing district across a wide variety of options. Ultimately, the following needs were identified as top priorities through community input:

Improved Learning Environment

  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Lighting
  • Power

Increased Safety & Security

  • Entrance / Interior Separation
  • ImproveSite Circulation
  • Controlled Entrances

Creating Efficiencies

  • Larger Elementary Buildings
  • Ground Source Geothermal HVAC
  • LED Lighting
  • Utilizing Existing Sites

BVH has worked continuously with Fremont Public Schools since their 1999 bond program. We are proud to have worked through three successful community votes and the resulting work. We are also committed to Fremont, like many other clients, for smaller needs that arise in-between the larger projects throughout the community.

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