Meet Our Newest Principals

Congratulations to BVH's newest Principals: Mike Daily, Matt Smith, and Bryan Solko! These individuals have proven their leadership in the firm, their dedication and extra efforts to our projects and clients, and their mentorship to everyone throughout BVH over many years of hard work. As we recognize the results of their past efforts, we look forward to many great things yet to come with their continued leadership in the firm.


Mike is a sought-after project manager, building technology guru, and a mentor to many within BVH. In addition to the great work he oversees for our clients, he is a loyal Teammates mentor and our BVH Tailgate raffle king. We truly appreciate Mike and everything he has done for the firm throughout his career spanning three decades with BVH. Mike’s skills have continued to cultivate BVHs core values in people, knowledge, and wonder. His leadership is appreciated both within the firm and by the repeat clients who come back to him.


Matt has provided wise and passionate leadership to BVH clients and our staff over his nine years with the firm. Consistently, clients return to Matt for his thorough project management as well as his ability to work through project challenges. Under his leadership, complex projects and schedules become manageable, achievable goals–producing results clients are proud of. Inside BVH, Matt is a respected team leader who mentors staff and ensures the BVH culture continually grows.


Bryan’s leadership on large and complex projects, development of BVH quality assurance, and sustainability efforts within the firm have proven invaluable over his career with BVH. For nearly twenty years at BVH, Bryan’s passion for design and an innate connection to the land have helped lead to simple-yet-creative solutions inherent to their environment. His realistic perspective and demeanor are guideposts for our staff and clients to follow. Beyond his work in the BVH studios, Bryan gives back through many volunteering efforts and his board leadership in the community. We look forward to the future Bryan will build, both for BVH and for our clients.

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