BVH Elevates Associate Principal & Associates

As we continue to grow as a firm, we believe that is important to recognize the contributions of individuals who are making a difference in the work we do every day. With that, we are excited to announce recent promotions within the firm. Please join us in congratulating them!

  • Bryan Solko
    Bryan has been elevated to Associate Principal. Bryan joined BVH in 2006. Bryan has a passion for and great awareness our innate connection to the landscape, energy, and land conservation and simple-yet-creative design solutions inherent to the upper Midwest. Bryan’s passion continues to shine in adaptive reuse, collaborative project delivery methods, and the overall process of creative design through projects, studies, and research. Bryan’s leadership within multiple complex projects while also developing and improving the quality assurance and sustainability areas of the Firm have demonstrated Bryan’s overall ability to be a leader within BVH and his realistic perspective and demeanor are valued by both Firm Leadership and within the studio itself.
  • Adam Sitzmann
    As a relatively young professional and leader, Adam’s skills and work ethic demonstrate the eagerness to continually learn and grow. The results of his contribution have led to the opportunity to begin sharing his leadership skills by focusing on preservation and adaptive reuse projects as a sector leader. Adam joined the BVH team in 2015, immediately after completing his Bachelor of Architecture from Iowa State University. Adam’s primary interests include preservation, adaptive reuse, and religious architecture.
  • Bruce Yoder
    Bruce brings a great attitude and well-rounded skillset to his daily role on projects. His recent experience on the Nelnet, Lifegate Church, and Woodhouse Auto Group projects has demonstrated his abilities to bring the owner’s Vision to reality and share his leadership skills with the design team. A true Midwesterner, he has lived and traveled all over the region, making his home in Iowa, Oklahoma, Missouri, and now, Nebraska.
  • Jessica Spitsen
    Jessica joined BVH in 2017 after nearly a decade spent in the advertising industry. Jessica’s impact on the Firm has been felt both in the strong presence our work has started to garner within our communities and architectural industry at large, but also internally as she has truly revamped and lead a much improved the marketing communication process as a whole.  Jessica has been able to guide and encourage studio members to find their voice whether on a proposal, social media blog, or within the studio itself. Coupled with her background as a writer and marketer, Jessica loves telling the stories of BVH itself and the projects it creates.

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