Moving Forward: Our Position

Optimism is the foundation of our practice

The vitality of our communities is dependent upon a single unifying characteristic — one that injects meaning into the environments and spaces surrounding us. One that transforms a group of humans inhabiting a specific area on the map into citizens, stewards, and neighbors. It builds and solidifies the physical and emotional connections we have with one another and gives context to the world around us.

It’s optimism.

If you were expecting to hear ‘design’ or ‘new urbanism’ or some other fancy design-related term, you would be wrong. At least for now.

But don’t revel for too long because design does play a critical role in the quality of our places – but no more than the city administrator or the school teacher or the farmer or the pastor. We all contribute to the vitality of our communities through the way we give meaning to places, define spaces that support the intersection of our lives, and serve those around us. Inevitably, our communities demand designed solutions that emulate what we believe and support our expected quality of living. Museums, libraries, parks, and restaurants are just a few designed solutions that contribute to a community’s culture.

Without optimism problems are insurmountable, purpose is questionable, and opportunities are squandered. Without optimism inspiration dies. Without optimism we settle for ‘good enough.’ Without optimism we lose our way, we are no longer unified. Who wants that?

We want to remind ourselves this is our own limitation. We recognize that, as a design firm, we are uniquely positioned to lead to ensure our communities thrive. We choose to leave our pessimism behind and bring people along with us to be part of the solution. Because ultimately, we want the same experience as the school teacher and farmer.

Therefore, it is imperative we craft a position statement as a point of reference for why we do what we do. It is the springboard for our core beliefs and it is foundational to who we are:

We act on our belief that architecture is rich with optimism and it is with this prevailing attitude we approach projects. The foundation of our optimism lies in the fact we inspire people and make places that contribute to the vitality of communities—this is what we have to offer and it is our mark on this world.

This is who we are and this is what we believe. And this is what will carry BVH forward.

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