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Wayne State College Center for Applied Technology

The Wayne State College Center for Applied Technology was designed with the goal of becoming a center for excellence for the college’s applied technology programs. The new facility contains a welding lab, a manufacturing lab, a woods and construction lab, and a power-and-energy lab.

Each lab is furnished with the latest equipment being utilized in the manufacturing and construction industries. It is the college’s hope that this state-of-the-art facility will provide its graduates with the experience and knowledge required for productive employment in these areas.

In addition to providing hands-on learning, the building also includes a series of classrooms and collaboration spaces in close proximity to the labs. These areas provide opportunity for students and faculty to prep for the hands-on learning experiences and to easily transition between group lab work and individual learning. Ample natural daylighting and strategic instances of transparency also ensure that the building is open, welcoming, and comfortable for all of its students.

Photography by William Hess Photography
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