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Hudl Headquarters

Hudl’s new global headquarters, located in downtown Lincoln’s Haymarket, is 4 stories of activity-based work spaces. Designed in partnership with Hudl’s Jeff Scott and Gabe Buglewicz, the space reflects the company’s interest in providing alternate work spaces—open office, lounges, meeting rooms, phone booths, and private niches—throughout each floor that would appeal to every kind of user. We understand that not everyone works the same all the time. Hudl’s squad-based project teams are no different. Therefore, instead of assigned desks, cubicles or offices, each day every employee is able to set up and work in the space that best facilitates the needs of their project or team.

The ‘Arena’ at the center of the building connects the 4th and 5th floors via bleacher-style seating and stairs. With a functional half-court at its base, the 2-story space is used for weekly all-hands-on-deck meetings and doubles as additional employee workspace. The 7th Floor offers a full commercial kitchen, drink service, dining seating, and a coffee shop and lounge.

Other key features include access to power everywhere, acoustic control by use of sound-walls, baffles and absorptive panels, and clear Hudl branding materials and colors with a focus on sports themes like artificial turf, salvaged bleachers, and walls made from a reclaimed college basketball court. The Hudl Headquarters currently serves 250 employees with future growth to 600.

Photography by BVH & Emma Morem Photography
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