Congratulations to Our Newest Associate Principals!

Matt Smith

Matt consistently gets kudos from his team for his leadership and mentoring. Matt consistently translates complex projects and schedules into manageable, achievable goals, producing results that the client, our consultants, and our internal teams are proud of. Since 2014, Matt has shown great leadership within the firm, and actively works to help staff grow. His leadership has helped BVH become the firm it is today and will continue to help shape us for years to come.

Matt Wegener

Matt joined BVH in 2002, and quickly became an invaluable member of the team. Matt’s vision and ability to manage projects smoothly has helped him form long-lasting relationships with many clients, and this skillset is one he actively teaches to other members on his team. He is a strong mentor to younger staff, and frequently looks for growth opportunities for those on his team. Matt’s voice in the leadership team and his contributions to firm marketing and business development efforts help keep BVH moving forward. 


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