PreK-12 Education

Westside Middle School

Partnering with Gould Evans Design, BVH Architecture worked with the Westside Community School district and members of the surrounding community to design a state-of-the-art, 21st century learning environment for its students.

With the concept that buildings themselves can function as teachers to children, the BVH/Gould Evans team reprogrammed the entire school for a new organizational structure that included eight learning teams.

The final design offers differentiated learning spaces flexible to each child’s individual learning style. Although project-based, the surroundings allow students to “own” their spaces by interacting, learning and creating memories. Additionally, the design allows learners to have “a choice and a voice” in shaping their environments with moveable furniture, choosing how and where they learn and choosing their own projects given a subject.

The project also includes a STEAM wing with two art, engineering technology and business technology classrooms and a dedicated “Excellence in Youth” room; a new central library complete with a genius bar, open classroom space, small group meeting rooms and a media studio with a green screen and video production tools; a centralized and flexible student commons adjacent to classrooms for co-teaching opportunities; separate, branded floors for each learning team; new mechanical systems; security enhancements (including adding a vestibule); and improved circulation flow.

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