Faith-Based, PreK-12 Education

St. Albert Catholic School

St. Albert Catholic School campus of Council Bluffs includes Early Childhood Education, Kindergarten, Primary School, a Junior High School, and Senior High School. This consolidation of faith-based learning for the Catholic community of Council Bluffs provides an integrated learning environment that now requires updating for infrastructure, learning environments, and sports/recreation improvements.

Due to the variety and scale of the master plan, BVH sought to gather input from a variety of groups including space needs from teachers, ambassadors, coaches, and leadership. Larger workshops aimed to focus on the needs of parents, benefactors, and those who worked directly with the facilities and grounds. This multiplicity of involvement gave the design team a better understanding of the larger breadth of needs within the St. Alberts community.

Themes emerged including an influence of faith on space and architecture, academic and athletic improvements, a day care expansion as a catalyst for the future, unifying the campus to create a sense of unified aesthetics, and making the main entry more clear, welcoming, and safe. The result was a comprehensive site design that coordinated athletic fields, landscaping, and parking to work with the existing conditions of the school. Additions to the school focused on updating the exterior architecture, adding programming space for 21st-century learning, and including security updates.

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