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Sprious Office

Sprious is a web tech startup located in Lincoln. As a growing leader in data intelligence, their team required a larger, more functional, and inviting space. Utilizing an existing office interior in the historic Sawmill Building, BVH was able to provide a modern and elegant solution which encourages collaboration and choice of space, without sacrificing privacy and focus.

The multi-level workroom provides ample daylighting among the different working spaces, allowing for multiple working modes, including hotel and home desks, sit-to-stand desks, and closed offices. To solve the existing issue of project transparency between teams, large collaboration areas span the open walls. Writable surfaces, pinup space, and other malleable materials encourage constant iteration and communication.

Sprious’ values of eco-friendly data management are reiterated throughout the office. As much existing space and material as possible was re-used or repurposed, and new furnishings followed strict redlist-free material selections. The lobby sports a large green wall and neon lit logo, welcoming visitors and potential hires into the friendly space.

Photography by William Hess Photography
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