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Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) Corporate Office

The international healthcare software company, Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), located in Louisville, CO, partners with healthcare leaders to improve patient care and lower the cost while doing so. Their ethos is reflected in all aspects of their business: outreach, customer service, software, and most importantly, their employees.

When they approached us about transforming their workplace environment to match their employee expectations post-pandemic we found an opportunity to fulfill a few objectives: how a re-envisioned office environment might promote different modes of working; how leveraging the distinct location will be a benefit for the employee; and how a highly sustainable project might enhance the mission of GHX.

Early data gathering across the country is substantiating the results we found while programming a new work environment for GHX. Surveys and focus groups exposed the desire for staff to maintain a human connection while at work but it is only necessary when collaborating. Heads down, task-oriented work can be completed anywhere. What is more evident is that employees desire the comforts of their home but with the amenities that promote collaboration.

Paramount to the reorganization of the open plan design is workstations and collaboration zones laid out in neighborhoods. Much like urban design, neighborhoods are amenity-rich environments with clear way-finding and close proximity to needed services or functions. The layout affords efficient working patterns and reduces the large floor area into smaller, navigable zones.

As a healthcare company, GHX desires for their office interior to achieve WELL certification. A newly introduced roof monitor is added to the expansive roof. Removing a significant amount of the second floor creates a multistory space for natural light, ventilation, and views to the exterior. Central to this intervention is connecting the two floors of the office interior to remove the stigma of which floor you work on. We introduced a ‘floating volume’, which partially infills the newly created void in the floor plate as a visual landmark. Housed within the volume is a training space, meeting rooms, and a suspended interior garden.

A reconstituted entry sequence, numerous and diverse collaboration zones, a conference center, and expanded employee amenity spaces promote a vastly different working environment. What once was perimeter offices and a sea of tall cubicles is recalibrated to reflect new modes of working to promote the ethos of GHX.

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