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Flatiron District

Spanning nearly a full block in downtown Omaha, this mixed-use and multi-family project will bring vibrant, new housing and commercial bays to a historic neighborhood that has long been dormant.

In addition to providing much needed urban housing, the Flatiron District housing aims to contribute to the revitalization of the neighborhood by re-knitting the site into its surrounding context, creating new activity along street frontages, and improving the quality of the public realm through the creation of outdoor plaza and park spaces.


The project aims to support a significant need for affordable housing within the Omaha community. The project will be the first newly constructed apartment structure in downtown Omaha to cater to residents of mixed incomes. About 60% of the units are to be reserved for income-qualified tenants and financed with low-income housing tax credits. As the developer states, “One of the best ways to combat the stigma associated with affordable housing is by developing mixed-income projects where a variety of people reside.”

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