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CSC Math Science Center of Innovative Learning

Representing late 1960’s educational architecture, the CSC Math & Science existing building is dense with programs including classrooms, laboratories, faculty offices, and specialty teaching spaces like a planetarium. Since education and curriculum delivery has profoundly changed over the last 50+ years, the existing interior of the building was demolished to pave way for today’s educational design objectives along with the flexibility for associated departments to grow.

The exterior of the existing building remained largely unchanged save a new entry and corresponding canopy provided on the south. This provided a noticeable entry point to the building and assisted with way-finding once inside. The new addition connects to the north side of the existing building. The Math and Science building establishes a necessary connection to the campus mall.

Laboratory spaces offer contemporary amenities and learning is not tied to classrooms. Other spaces distributed around the newly renovated interior provide breakout zones varied in size and furniture type––allowing students and faculty to configure to the task at hand or how they learn best. The necessary infrastructure for technology is vital to promote the bring-your-own-device educational paradigm.

The new addition’s exterior design incorporates the exposed structural framework through a horizontal band at the floor and roof lines. The primary exterior material is recessed in plane to make the bands pronounced. Strategic window placement provides natural light into the laboratories and expansive views to the campus.

Additionally, public spaces have expansive windows to promote the life of the building to onlookers and encourage student activity. The primary material is durable, low maintenance and provides a contemporary look. Furthermore, the exterior is regulated by the panel module to reduce construction waste and expedite construction sequencing. The panelized facade references back to the rhythms and patterns found in math and sciences study.

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