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Zach Soflin and Michael Harpster


Zach Soflin and Michael Harpster have successfully completed the requirements for licensure as architects in Nebraska! This is a huge milestone in their careers and one we’re excited to celebrate.

The long road to becoming a licensed architect is both challenging and rewarding. After four years of undergraduate study and an additional two years of graduate school, aspiring architects must also complete 3,750 practice hours. Then there’s the Architect Registration Exam (ARE) with seven rigorous divisions to test the comprehensive knowledge of the applicant. The entire process can take up to five to seven years to complete.

Rest assured, keeping an eye on the licensure prize definitely pays off. A license serves to demonstrate an architect’s competence and expertise in the built environment. Above all, having a license signifies that the architects take responsibility for the health, safety and welfare of those who occupy the buildings they design.

For those still on the road towards licensure, we have some advice regarding the exams:

“Just get through them,” Michael says. “Begin taking the tests as soon as possible and try to complete them in one continuous stretch.”

From all of us at BVH, congratulations, Zach and Michael! We are proud to have you in the studio and want to celebrate your success!