Workplace Design

Creating the Modern Workplace

Workplace design strategies are rapidly changing as technology advances and generational expectations of employees change. We understand there is a powerful synergy when these changes are leveraged. Our projects seek to bridge current workplace trends with a flexible design solution—the building should be adaptable to the client while not becoming outdated when trends come and go. We work with our clients to ensure that every office environment fosters communication, collaboration, and creativity while also responding to the unique preferences of each individual employee and goals of the company.

Enduring Trends

  • Brand & Experience
  • Community & Social Integration
  • Identity & Personality
  • Collaboration & Accessibility
  • Flexibility
  • Amenities
  • Personal & Group Space
  • Wellness & Sustainability

Our Process

Designing for Humans

Workplaces continue to change. Not only the who – what is now a workforce composed of five generations – but also the how. Workers today have different expectations and different modes of work. Increasingly, today’s worker looks for spaces with:

  • Collaborative, social environments that foster connections
  • Amenities, that optimize the work environment, leading to better productivity and overall employee satisfaction
  • A diversity of work spaces; not only traditional desking but immersive furniture solutions that encourage collaboration, socialization, individual focus, and relaxation
  • Well buildings; workspaces that look to the  WELL Building Standards and other benchmarks for improved well-being 

Today’s spaces demand immersive environments that blur the lines between work space type. Companies and employees want workplaces that enhance interaction while creating a sense of hospitality. Today’s teams are mobile and agile, with a variety of in-office and remote workers. Accommodating this, as well as staff who prefer quiet spaces for focus and more traditional office areas, are design challenges we see everyday.  

We also look to Herman Miller’s Living Office and six key work motivations

  • Security: People desire health, safety, familiarity, and competence.

  • Autonomy: We naturally seek freedom in our actions and decisions.

  • Belonging: Humans want meaningful connection to others.

  • Achievement: We strive for excellence and take pride in our accomplishments.

  • Status: We want recognition for our contributions.

  • Purpose: People want to make a meaningful difference.

Key Projects

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