Philip H. Schoo Middle School/ Fallbrook YMCA Joint Facility

The design of Schoo Middle School co-locates the facility, the conjoined Fallbrook YMCA, and adjacent neighborhood park on a 31.2-acre site in the Fallbrook development. The school and rec center creates an open, active, and vibrant environment for students, and effectively maximizes the programmed sharing of the site features such as playing fields, walking paths, and parking, as well as facilities such as gyms, exercise studios, health classrooms, Family and Consumer Science labs, art studios, and central mechanical and electrical systems. A key element in the shared building is the secure separation between the school and YMCA that adjusts depending on the time and season to accommodate the use of shared space.


Lincoln, NE

Year Completed



Lincoln Public Schools


161,000 sq. ft.

BVH Team