Nebraska Center for Advanced Professional Studies

Taking its design cues from contemporary workspaces, the Nebraska Center for Advanced Professional Studies (NCAPS) offers 40,000 SF of coactive and flexible educational environments to support the school’s linked learning curriculum, while providing students with key moments of engagement with peers and teachers.

The design’s spatial dynamics cater to myriad learning styles with two floors of multi-functional labs, small group spaces, break out areas and collaboration zones. Areas are both defined and interconnected by glass walls, partitions and furniture groupings – a delineation of space that allows each area to remain, both physically and visually, a part of the overall whole.

Large windows and glass provide ample daylight and a connection to nature, while a north-facing light monitor allows indirect light to filter into the building without negatively impacting air cooling needs.

Additional sustainable design features include rotating east and west-facing exterior windows with phenolic panel accents to reduce harsh, direct sunlight and solar heat gain. The rotated windows along the east-façade further define interior collaboration zones, reading nooks, storage and support areas, and allow the facade to be more than just a thermal envelope.

The NCAPS facility maintains a “refined-raw” aesthetic, positioning the building as a workshop for learning. Sealed concrete floors and exposed structural steel are contrasted by the warmth of natural wood, creating a space that’s both productive and inviting.


NCAPS Addition to Become Reality

Sandy Creek Opens New Career Center


Fairfield, NE

Year Completed



South Central Unified School District


40,000 sq. ft. addition

BVH Team

"The purpose of the Nebraska Center for Advanced Professional Studies is to personalize education for each student around their passion and strengths."

Dr. Randy Gilson | Superintendent, South Central Unified School District