UBT Office Building

The Union Bank Pine Lake project will consist of approximately 50,000 square feet of office space. In consolidating seven departments to a single location, Union Bank hopes to create an office environment that supports and stimulates creativity and collaboration amongst its employees.

A number of factors are currently affecting the workplace and are causing a need for new design strategies. These include: four generations working together, a low unemployment rate which contributes to a ‘talent war,’ consideration for employee’s physical and mental well-being, technological changes, and remote workers.

A multitude of studies on engagement and productivity within working environments suggest the spaces that best foster the creative and collaborative atmosphere Union Bank hopes to achieve, are spaces that provide choice and care for employee’s well-being.

Offices that contain a diversity of areas for working allow employees the autonomy to choose where they are most productive based on the task at hand. By providing proper levels of daylighting, fresh air, spaces and furniture that allow the body to be active, and healthy choices for nourishment, Union Bank shows its employees that they are cared for.


Lincoln, NE

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Union Bank & Trust


50,000 sq. ft.