Lifegate Church, West Dodge Campus

Lifegate is an interactive and inclusive church community in Omaha that desired an environment reflective of them, their teachings and the people they serve.

After working with the Lifegate team to conduct workshops, interviews, and a full assessment of programs offered, BVH produced a design representative of the church’s themes of interconnectedness, exploration, life-sharing, and inclusiveness. The result is an open, non-compartmentalized design with spatial variety.

The project scope included a complete interior overhaul, exterior retrofit, new cross and tower and a reworked entrance. The building’s new lobby and gallery, as well as a stairwell addition, feature glass elements symbolic of Lifegate’s connection with the community while showcasing the church’s dynamism. A new worship space seating 1,350 was also added, complete with angled walls and ceiling/wall paneling for enhanced acoustics. This space was designed with the flexibility to adapt to sacred, more intimate gatherings, as well as highly attended public programs.

Photography by Hawkeye-Pilot Photography


Omaha, NE

Year Completed



Lifegate Church


19,000 sq. ft.

BVH Team