Crete Public Library

The Crete Public Library engages nearly 10,000 youth and adults on an annual basis through print and electronic resources and enriching programs. Located in an original 1915 Carnegie building,  the library is facing an overwhelming shortage of space to service the growing community.

BVH Architecture was hired to design and construct a brand new library, community center, and technology space after a bond issuance was approved in November of 2016. The proposed 20,000 square foot facility is designed to leverage collaboration with the Crete park system; the site, an entire city block with a 20-foot grade change, facilitates the opportunity to nestle a portion of the building into the earth. Carving the building into the site provides a unique lawn platform for events, learning vistas, and playscape nodes while creating respectful parkscape views for the surrounding suburban neighborhood.

Through an extensive community engagement process, three main goals were identified: to create a diversity of spaces and programs that promote lifelong learning, encourage innovation, and facilitate community connections.

New programs implemented in the design include a 200 person community room with after-hours access that doubles as a storm shelter, a cafe space for community socialization, a variety of study and conference rooms, a makerspace, a dedicated children’s program room, and a drive-up book drop.

This project is currently out for bid right now and moves into construction soon after and is expected to be completed in the Fall of 2019.


Crete, NE

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City of Crete


20,000 sq. ft.

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