BVH io’s “dotDesk” is a renovation of an existing reception desk within our Lincoln studio. The original work surface and base storage cabinets remain intact, but the integrated transaction top and surrounding privacy panels are newly-designed elements. The goal of the redesign was to introduce an element into the space that embodied the three core values of our firm: the Pursuit of Knowledge, a Commitment to People, and an interest in producing a Sense of Wonder.

All new elements were designed, fabricated and installed by staff within the firm, thereby allowing the staff to utilize and gain further knowledge of digital fabrication tools and methodologies. In addition, the task of installing the 18,000+ dowels that create the undulating surface wrapping three sides of the desk was distributed among the firm’s staff, consultants and clients. This collective effort, which resulted in the installation of over five thousand linear feet of dowels, demonstrated the importance of people and highlights the incredible results that can be achieved through collaboration. The design’s organic form and subtle perspectival play encourages guests to engage with the desk’s surface; to experience playful moments of surprise that might ultimately elicit a sense of wonder.

Photography by Tom Kessler




Lincoln, NE

Year Completed



BVH Architecture


80 sq. ft.


  • IIDA Interior Design Excellence Award, Product Design, 2017
  • AIA Nebraska People's Choice Award, 2017

BVH Team