Xanthe Steffen

Interior Design Intern


Xanthe started at BVH Lincoln at the end of May 2022. Born and raised in Lincoln, Xanthe is currently attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where she is working towards a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design. 

Xanthe’s interest in Interior Design stems from her mother and a childhood surrounded by creativity. Her mother studied Interior Design at UNL, and although she switched her degree during her third year in the program, she never lost her eye for design. As a kid, Xanthe was involved in every art program that she could find, and assisted in teaching art camps and classes in high school. Xanthe has always been drawn to figuring out how and why things work. Interior Design felt like a perfect combination of her affinity for analysis and artistic nature.

When not in the studio, you can find Xanthe spending her time illustrating and painting. She loves to cook and take care of her plants. Xanthe also has two little brothers; Jude, who is studying Mechanical Engineering at UNL, and Oliver, who will be starting his first year at Pius X High School in the Fall of 2022.

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
My favorite place that I have visited is New York. The hustle and bustle was unlike any city I have been to.

What inspires you?
Just about anything and anyone could inspire me. I always keep an eye out for what may jumpstart my next creative endeavor.

What is your favorite building or who is your favorite architect and why?
I.M. Pei’s Wells Fargo Center in Lincoln, NE. I passed this building thousands of times growing up in Lincoln and it will always remind me of home.

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