Phillip Smith

Architectural Intern
Key Projects:
  • OPS Morton Middle School Addition & Renovation

Phillip Smith

Architectural Intern

Phil began his internship in February of 2020. Originally from Nebraska City, Phil pursued a degree in Secondary Education while working with at-risk youth in the Omaha Public Schools district. After graduating with his secondary education degree in 2011, he started a seven-year teaching career in the Millard Public Schools district of Omaha.

Growing up in Nebraska, Phil has always had a strong connection to nature and the countrysidebut also found himself drawn to the denser neighborhoods of the bigger cities. Phil’s interest in design influenced him to begin taking design classes at night while teaching during the day. Eventually, he made the decision to leave the education field and fully immerse himself in the world of design.

Since Phil’s transition to design, he has built strong relationships within the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and is looking forward to designing in a way that balances his love of nature and his passion for urban density.

What is the favorite place you have visited?
São Paulo, Brazil was my favorite.  One of the biggest cities in the western Hemisphere, I experienced an urban environment unlike any other.

How do you engage your community?
I’m a strong and vocal supporter of local organizations that favor a transition from cars and trucks to bikes and busses.  I often get involved with trail cleanups around the Omaha area.

What problem would you like to solve with design?
As environmental changes continue, a large migration of people will be in need of housing.  Dealing with this sudden population increases have been attempted often in history, but designing a long-lasting and effective social housing structure has yet to be achieved.