Michael Harpster, AIA

Architect / Senior Associate


Michael originally joined BVH in 2014. He has experience working on projects of varying  scale, program, and complexity – from a 1,500 square-foot columbarium to a 100,000 square-foot automotive technology education facility.

Michael is interested in architecture as both a cultural and technical practice. He values architecture’s capacity to reflect cultural understandings of place, technology, and identity as well as its ability to solve problems.

Outside of the studio, Michael enjoys spending time with his family and traveling to new places as frequently as possible.

What is your area of research or interest?
I am interested in the various histories of architectural design, especially those that have come to be understood or accepted as immutable.

What is inspiring you right now?
I am consistently inspired by the work of other architects, visual artists, and design theorists. .

What are you reading/watching/listening to right now that is inspiring your work?
I am currently finding inspiration in the works and writings of Andrew Kovacs, Jennifer Bonner, John May, Andrew Atwood, and other young design practices.

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