Kristine Dorn, IIDA, Associate AIA

President / Principal
Key Projects:

Kristine Dorn, IIDA, Associate AIA

President / Principal

As BVH’s President, Kristine’s focus is on defining business strategies and action plans and for moving the firm toward its goals. She began her career at BVH in May 2005 as an interior designer and has since worked on numerous projects in the religious, education, and business sectors across the Midwest region.

A humanist at heart, Kristine is inspired by people, their stories, and how they engage with the space around them. Whether clients or colleagues, she’s most interested in collaborating on a team to create solutions that take people and their projects to the next level. As a leader at BVH, she’s focused on supporting staff and developing a studio culture with values that positively impact people, their behavior and their relationships with one another.

When she’s not in the studio, you’ll find Kristine teaching at the YMCA in Lincoln, taking long bike rides to clear her mind, or enjoying time with her family in their Missouri cabin.

What is the favorite place you have visited?
Switzerland — the entire experience, including colors, sensory details, and its people.

What are you optimistic about?
Our people. We’re moving in the right direction, and people care about the causes that they’re working for. We are fortunate to find people that share those beliefs and values.

How do you engage your community?
I’m very involved with the parent group at my children’s local schools but mostly engage anonymously in causes.

What is your area of interest or research?
How people use space and what designers can do to ensure the spaces are supporting the people who are using them.

What is your inspiration?