Julie Cawby, RA, NCARB, APT-RP

Historical Architect / Senior Associate


Julie has worked in the field of preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and adaptive reuse for 19 years. She is an award-winning historical architect with diverse experience as a project manager and project architect in numerous project types, including commercial, municipal, federal, higher education, single- and multi-family residential and faith-based. She has worked with federal and state historic preservation offices and has completed the submissions required for rehabilitation tax credits on numerous projects.

Prior to joining BVH, Julie worked for other well-respected architecture, planning and development firms in the Midwest that specialized in the field of historic preservation architecture. She loves the challenge that an existing building inevitably creates. She loves figuring out the existing conditions and seeing what unique potential an adaptive reuse can become. She loves to be able to restore a building while integrating all modern functions required to enable a building’s adaptive reuse for a new and modern purpose. It is the best of the past, present and the future all in one.

Julie enjoys spending time with her husband Matt, travelling, photography, trying new restaurants, baking desserts and homemade breads, swimming and walking, antiquing, thrift store bargain hunting, solving puzzles and even designing and building her own furniture.

What is your favorite place you have visited?

What are you optimistic about?
I believe in the existing building investigation process and the study of how buildings have been designed and constructed over time. Really studying a building and its unique characteristics can tell a story that can support valuable design integration.

How do you engage your community?
I try to get involved with community-based projects that will help others in a way that is beneficial to their needs.

What is your area of interest or research?
I focus on preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and adaptive reuse of historic and older buildings from all time periods. I like to study a historic building in order to reveal and understand their unique character-defining features and to ascertain the changes that have occurred over time — to understand these changes and to extract them, when appropriate, in order to provide a clear direction for the buildings rehabilitation while integrating contemporary improvements.

What is your inspiration?
I get inspired by visiting places I have not been before, whether it’s a city, town, prairie, a friend’s house or a new restaurant. I find the visits makes me feel refreshed and gives me a perspective to see things in a different way.

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