Josh Puppe, Associate AIA, ASAI

Architectural Intern
Key Projects:
  • St. John Paul II Newman Center
  • Center for Applied Technology
  • UNL East Campus Housing
  • Lincoln Children's Zoo Master Plan
  • Nebraska Center for Advanced Professional Studies

Josh Puppe, Associate AIA, ASAI

Architectural Intern

Since joining BVH in late January 2016, Josh has been developing an increased understanding of his design passions and skill sets, allowing them to contribute to the dynamic layering of personal passions and interests that are at the heart of the BVH. Born and raised in Brookings, South Dakota, he grew up surrounded by creativity and others in his mother’s daycare center where there was never a dull moment. Now living in Lincoln, Josh recently graduated from UNL’s undergraduate architecture program in Spring 2016 and is returning in the Fall 2017 to begin his Master’s degree.

Josh has found a focused interest in seeking an understanding of the dynamic between time, place, emotion and being. He looks to remix the relationship between these things with technology as a vehicle in order to discover thought-provoking architectural and visual manifestations.

In his free time, Josh enjoys learning new computer software, exercising, spending time with friends/family and playing video games.

What is your favorite place you have visited?
Florida, but I’m hoping this will change in the future!

What are you optimistic about?
Other people. I find that everyone is undeniably unique, yet on another level we are all incredibly alike. I often feel most optimistic while talking, sharing, spending time with and creating with others.

How do you engage your community?
I engage with my community by volunteering at campus landscape services, the Humane Society and Special Olympics. I enjoy fostering relationships with others, and spending time with a few of my elderly neighbors.

What is your area of interest or research?
Currently: Static digital visualization/representation.
Working towards: motion graphics, animation, and film.

What is your inspiration?
Time. The fact that it will never fully be understood; it never stops working, and there is always promise of some new event, thing, interaction; just give it time, you’ll see.