John Sinovic, AIA

Architect / Principal
Key Projects:

John Sinovic, AIA

Architect / Principal

For more than three decades, John has been helping clients fully connect and identify with the buildings and spaces he designs. An Omaha native, John received his Master of Architecture from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln in 1983, shortly before joining BVH.

His passion for his craft stems from the belief that architecture is the last of the arts to understand where society has been and, ultimately, where it’s going. John sees architecture as a cycle, a process that is all about design. He thrives in both the discovery of big ideas and the ability to transform the conceptual into concrete. He is particularly interested in the very early design phases and what drives the project. He firmly believes that clients have a way of looking at themselves through the building to help better understand who they are. John loves to think big but make things real; there is joy in the process of discovery, but in the end, it’s necessary to be able to draw it and bring it into fruition.

Beyond architecture, John takes his creativity and inventiveness outside the studio. His eye for seeing beauty in everyday, albeit disparate objects, is especially useful in his hobby of making fountain sculptures out of found items. He is also a big Star Trek fan (original series, of course) and is married with two daughters.

What is the favorite place you have visited?
Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What are you optimistic about?
Leading future generations of architects and designers.

How do you engage your community?
Founder, Future Omaha.

What is your inspiration?