Jiang Chen

Architectural Intern


Originally from Zhuhai, China, Jiang joined BVH in January 2022 during his last semester of undergraduate study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Jiang will graduate with dual degrees of Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Science in Interior Design in May 2022, where he will then pursue his Masters of Architecture.

Jiang initially began his education at the College of Fine Arts where he discovered his interest in creating things. Through exploring a variety of styles and mediums of artwork, Jiang continues to integrate his art skills into the field of interior design to create a fusion of art and design that enhances physical space.

Outside of the studio, Jiang enjoys traveling, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends. Jiang hopes to visit as many places as possible to experience the history and culture, and gain inspiration for future design works.

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
My favorite place that I have visited is London, UK. I went there during the 2012 London Olympics and had the opportunity to watch the Women’s 3m Springboard Final at the Aquatics Centre Olympic Park.

What inspires you?
The places I’ve visited, the people I’ve met, the projects I’ve done. The more things I experience the more that will inspire me.

What problem would you like to solve with design?
One of my primary goals as a designer and an architect is to create built environments that are sustainable, resilient, and blur the boundary between buildings and nature while having the ability to solve the social and civic issues that people face.


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