Jacob Duncan

Architectural Intern


Jacob first worked with BVH in early July of 2022 as part of ACE Internship Week, deciding ultimately to also pursue a fall semester internship. Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Jacob is currently attending Omaha North High School.

Aspiring to be an engineer, Jacob has always been interested in unique ways of problem solving and efficient solutions. During his junior year, Jacob began to explore what architecture was and learning about the design process. Immediately taking a liking to it, he has continued to expose himself to the field.

Outside of the studio, Jacob spends his time training for the North High wrestling team and going for runs. When he isn’t training or practicing, Jacob likes to spend time relaxing, watching movies, or listening to his favorite artists.

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
I often think about going back to Redmond, OR. I got to meet new people who were passionate about the same things I was. While there Ii got to hike at Smith Rock State Park.

How do you engage with your community?
One of the best ways I engage with my community would be athletics. I have learned how sports can bring together a community, whether that be hosting a fundraiser to get a team supplied with equipment or a spaghetti dinner to raise money for a coach’s heart treatment.

What inspires you?
My true inspiration is my parents. They have shown me how far hard work can get you in life and have always wanted me to do better than them. They continue to push me and more importantly have taught me to push myself.

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