Ian Murphree

Architectural Intern
Key Projects:

Ian Murphree

Architectural Intern

Ian joined BVH in May 2019. Born and raised in Omaha, Ian is currently attending the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to complete his 3-year M.Arch program.

Ian’s interest in architecture lies with sustainable materials and construction methods. As a hands-on learner, Ian enjoys  getting first-hand experience on what the materials at hand can accomplish to better understand how they can be applied to design. 

In his spare time, Ian enjoys a myriad of projects and activities. Whether it is refurbishing and building furniture, custom graphic work, or simply a painting for my home or a friend, there are always a list of tasks for me to accomplish. Before he found architecture, Ian worked as a professional chef and baker and continues to enjoy baking treats or fashioning a gourmet meal on special occasions.

What is the favorite place you have visited?
La Alhambra in Granada Spain.

What are you optimistic about?
The potential for growth in communities around Nebraska and the opportunity to incorporate sustainable architecture into rural communities.

What is your area of interest or research?
I am interested in exploring and utilizing new building methods and technologies to be utilized throughout the midwest region.

What is your inspiration?
My inspiration comes from more experienced members of the firm that have contributed to the Lincoln and Nebraska communities. How they have shaped and changed the landscape to make it the growing city that it is.