Dania Morelli

Architectural Intern


Originally from Kuwait, Dania attended college in Syria before transferring to Denver, CO where she graduated with her Bachelors in Architecture. Currently, Dania is in graduate school pursuing her Masters from CU Denver. She enjoys the experience gained from learning, teaching, and working all at once.

To Dania, architecture is a way of thinking—a way of seeing the world and shaping the built environment. She is inspired by the power architects have to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable spaces that enhance the lives of people around the world.

A balanced person by nature, Dania uses her time management skills to maintain a healthy lifestyle for both her physical and mental wellbeing. She loves to engage in activities that bring her joy and fulfillment while aligning with her values and something greater than herself. You can find Dania connecting with loved ones, family, and friends. With her passion for knowledge and personal growth, Dania also enjoys exploring new subjects, taking up courses, reading books, and engaging in online learning platforms.

How do you engage with your community?
Interact and communicate with others with a smile 🙂

What project are you most proud of?
My last studio project at CU Denver. It was a design-build project where I designed and then built my design. The most important thing is that I collected great memories with my team and instructor. I will always remember these unforgettable memories.

What are you reading/watching/doing/listening to right now that is inspiring your work?
I LOVE old songs (French, English, Arabic), but I feel a good melody can catch me whatever the kind is!

What is your favorite building or who is your favorite architect and why?
The Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba—also known as the Great Mosque of Córdoba or the Mezquita—is a significant historical and architectural landmark in Córboda, Spain. It is considered one of the most accomplished examples of Islamic architecture in the world. I am interested in old architecture because it makes me wonder how they are still standing! 

What is the future of architecture and design? 
I can see architecture being connected to nature in a modern way, where buildings will use both technology and sustainability.

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