Chris Warden

Design Technology Manager

Chris developed a desire for Design Technology while attending the University of Kansas and graduating in 2009 with a master’s degree in architecture. While Chris finished his degree later in life, he spent the first 10 years managing various landscape companies and being a stay-at-home dad while his wife Lisa served in the US Navy.

Chris and Lisa finally landed back in Lawrence, KS where he finished his degree and has been working for design firms since 2007. His passion for design technology goes back to his time at school, where he would continually research and experiment with alternate technology methods to refine his studio projects. This passion spilled over into his Architecture career and continues to drive him to continually search for improved workflows throughout the design/construction process. Chris also participates as a committee member for the Design Technology Summit, a conference that brings design technologists together to share experiences, knowledge, and identify opportunities to improve.

Chris’s family is unique, they were blessed in 2001 with triplets, Cassidy, Tommy, and Isabel. Along with watching triplets progress through life, Chris also enjoys fishing, spending time at the lake, and working in the yard.

What is your favorite place you’ve visited?
Lake of the Ozarks. I spend as much time as possible there.

What is your area of interest of research?
Design technology. Anything that can improve the design process to create a better experience for the design team, owners, and end users.

What is the future of architecture and design?
The mindset that architectural design will be driven by technology is very misleading. When technology is properly applied within the design process, it will only enhance the design process and help the architects deliver a better product.


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