Betty Neufeld

Studio Administrator / Associate

Betty joined BVH in 1997 starting out as the construction administration word processing assistant. She has assumed more and varied responsibilities as technology and office needs have changed over the years. During that time, the office has moved from Harney Street to a former lawn and garden building on Jones Street and recently to the current location, and each time she has given leadership and organization to the relocation process. Betty grew up in northern Indiana, then relocated with her husband to Kearney, Nebraska, where she graduated from then-Kearney State College with a B.A. in Education and moving to the Omaha area in 1979. She is currently continuing her education at MCC, working toward a Business endorsement.

Prior to joining BVH, Betty worked in several area offices as her two daughters were born, grew up and left home. She has a great love of tools and home improvement, and the experiences and knowledge gained at BVH have augmented those projects to increasing levels. Home ownership has also provided opportunities to apply a love of gardening and outdoor activities such as tenting with the grandchildren in the backyard and hiking in the woods. Through the years, she has also been involved in the deaf community, teaching beginning sign language to adults through the Council Bluffs continuing education system, interpreting in a public school classroom setting and interacting in the deaf community.

As a young teen, Betty began her love of serving by volunteering in her home church — polishing handbells, placing Bible studies in hotel rooms and general office work. She and her husband led the children’s department for the four years when they were in Kearney and continued serving when they moved to the Omaha area by teaching children from nursery age through teens, as well as various other positions. Betty currently provides leadership in her church by serving on the church board as secretary, chair of the finance committee, and safety director. Additionally, she serves on the worship team on Sundays. She also serves on the Advisory Board of the Council Bluffs Salvation Army.

What is your favorite place you have visited?
Traveling is one of my favorite things to do! Some of my favorite memories are traveling through the Canadian Rockies from Calgary, through Banff to various locations in British Columbia – sometimes via motorcycle! A future trip my husband and I are planning is to ride Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica pier by motorcycle.

What is your favorite project?
In keeping with my love of history, my favorite projects have been the ones that have brought old, historic buildings back to beauty and use.  Some of these would be the work we did at the Moon Block building, our former Studio in the Joseph Building, and the intricate work required for restoration at St. Cecilia Cathedral.

What do you love most about your job?
As Studio Administrator, I am interested in providing a working environment for my Studio partners that is neat, organized, and healthy. My goal is to enable others to do their work efficiently, and to have a healthy environment to work.  To that end, I organize training lunches and am continually looking for ways to improve our work environment.

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