Andrew Conzett, AIA

Architect / Associate

  • AIA Nebraska Young Architect Award, 2021

Andrew’s passion for architecture revolves around the belief that in addition to serving the practical needs of a client’s project, good design has the ability to elevate the everyday experiences that occur within our homes, places of learning, workplaces, worship spaces and communities at large.

His design work is rooted in curiosity about the physical, cultural and organizational context of a project and its surrounding site. Through a collaborative and iterative process, Andrew seeks to create design solutions that exhibit clarity, restraint and a contemporary sense of beauty while managing technical, budgetary and site constraints.

Andrew pairs his professional experience with an interest in community service through active participation on local and regional boards engaged in issues related to arts, culture, education and professional development.

What inspires you?
I’m inspired by the vast and varied beauty of the American landscape.

What are you reading/watching/doing/listening to right now that is inspiring your work?
I’m pursuing my interest in aviation by training to receive a private pilot certificate. I enjoy pairing the precise technical knowledge of aircraft with the artistic and poetic characteristics of flight. Form follows function and results in something rather amazing.

What is the future of architecture and design?
As society’s needs evolve, so too must the architecture profession. BVH is utilizing new technology and new methods of collaboration to produce both qualitative and quantitative results that serve a variety of clients and project types.

It’s not enough to design and build a beautiful building. Architecture must also perform well by contributing to the ecological and social fabric of the natural and built environments that surround us.

  • AIA Nebraska Young Architect Award, 2021

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