Abby Nelson

Project Coordinator
Key Projects:
  • Duchesne Academy Master Plan
  • Leigh Community Schools Master Plan

Abby Nelson

Project Coordinator

Abby grew up in Omaha, Nebraska and joined BVH in May 2019 after studying abroad in London for a semester. Abby attends the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is currently a 6th year Masters of Architecture student with a minor in Environmental Studies.

Abby’s interest in architecture lies in its dynamic nature. Architecture is always changing and reacting to new surroundings, users, and project types. Its variability keeps the profession interesting and ever-evolving, forcing learning to be continuous. It’s this quality that keeps her interested. 

Music plays a large part of Abby’s life, motivating and inspiring every day. Abby loves discovering new artists and figuring out current music on the piano. She also listens to a variety of podcasts, ranging from comedy to true crime. When she’s not plugged into her music or podcasts, she loves spending time with family and her two dogs.

What is your area of interest or research?
I am super interested in autonomous vehicles and plan on completing a thesis about how autonomous transportation will change the way architecture interacts with the car.

What is your favorite building or who is your favorite architect and why?
Steven Holl is my favorite architect. I appreciate his attention to spaces’ natural light and aural quality.

What is the future of architecture and design?
Considering architecture’s environmental impact is definitely on the horizon. Architects need to ensure that the built and natural environment can coexist.