Sacred Spaces

Creating Spaces for Worship and Community

From chapels to sanctuaries to quiet places for reflection, every community needs a sacred space for its people to worship.

We’ve had the privilege throughout the course of our practice to work with communities of all sizes to build new worship spaces, schools, chapels, and gathering spaces. In fact, one of our very first projects was the Redeemer Lutheran Cross Complex in 1970. Since then, we’ve worked to help communities identify what functional spaces, what special opportunities exist to help guide clients serve to a closer connection with God.

And that doesn’t just mean building a new sanctuary or chapel. It means other spaces, like communal areas, residence halls, or church offices. In their own way, they are just as important.


Every Project is Unique

Programming and Space Planning

Expertise in the relationship of spaces and the requirements specific to religious and educational facilities. We know how to listen and ask the right questions. Our years of experience will come to benefit you.

Community Workshops

We engage the entire congregation. Through our workshop process, we provide various way for everyone to provide input, whether they are outspoken or shy, full of idea or think they have none. We believe in a process that gets members of the church to share with one another, building community, understanding all of the needs and wants that are ‘out there’.

Design and Master Planning

We advocate for purpose-driven design. We base our designs on what we hear, how we can advance your purpose and mission, and provide for you a vision of how the site will fill you and future users with wonder.

Key Projects


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